Applying for Registration

In order to apply for registration, all applicants must:

  • satisfactorily complete and submit an application online through the Medical Council of Canada's Application for Medical Registration portal
  • provide a certificate of professional conduct (CPC) from the regulatory or licensing authority in each jurisdiction where the applicant has held medical licensure, dated within 60 days from the intended date of practice in BC
  • provide a CPC (or equivalent document) from each regulated profession (e.g. nursing, law, accounting, etc.), in Canada or internationally, the applicant has practised in
  • complete a criminal record check authorization form
  • provide reference letters as per the College’s instruction
  • meet the College’s English language proficiency requirements

Note: Depending on the class of registration, additional steps in the pre-application and application process may be required.

Not sure what class of registration you are eligible for? Follow the questions in these flow-charts to determine if you may be eligible in either the full or provisional class of registration:

Applications are valid for one year from the date received by the College. Applicants who do not complete the application process within one year will be required to re-apply and remit payment of the required application fee.