International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

The College welcomes applications from physicians who have obtained their medical degree from a medical school listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools which includes the Canada sponsor note. International medical graduates (IMGs) are often registered in the provisional class as an interim step so that they can apply their knowledge and skill to the care of patients while under supervision. To advance to the full register, a registrant in the provisional class must complete Canadian qualifying exams or, s/he may be eligible to participate in a comprehensive workplace assessment within a specified period of time.

IMGs who are not eligible for full or provisional registration, but who wish to enter a postgraduate training program in British Columbia, may apply to be registered as a clinical trainee, which can improve the likelihood of acceptance into a Canadian residency program. This licence allows IMGs to obtain educational experience in Canada by permitting a registrant to observe and learn in a practice setting under another physician’s direct supervision, to a maximum of three years in total. Registrants in this class are not eligible for independent practice.

IMG family physicians who are initially screened by Health Match BC, based on established criteria, may qualify for selection in the province’s Practice Ready Assessment – British Columbia (PRA-BC) program. Interested IMG family physicians should contact Health Match BC to discuss whether or not they are eligible to apply for entry into the PRA-BC program, and to learn more about the program’s screening and selection processes.

Class of registration


Permits a registrant to practise medicine with limits and conditions granted by the Registration Committee.


Permits qualified and selected family physicians to participate in the Practice Ready Assessment – British Columbia (PRA-BC) program prior to being considered eligible for provisional registration.

Registration is a multi-step process

Phase 1: Health Match BC and first part of online application

  • applicants to contact Health Match BC for initial information regarding provisional licensure
  • potentially eligible applicants will be directed to apply to the MCC via their online portal and pay relevant fees for the first part of online application
  • application information is downloaded directly to the College’s database for review and Health Match BC submits supporting documents to the College

Phase 2: Eligibility review

  • credentials are reviewed by College staff
  • preliminary assessment letter provided
  • credentials are reviewed by the Registration Committee
  • eligibility ruling is provided with subjects

Phase 3: Removal of subjects and remainder of application

  • applicant to address all requirements of eligibility ruling

  • once all subjects are removed, a secondary application package is emailed to the applicant and the applicant is provided access to second part of the online application

Phase 4: Receipt of secondary application

  • preliminary screening of all documentation

If an applicant provides a fully completed application, including all of the required documentation and no follow-up is required, phase 4 can be completed within one week.

Phase 5: Processing the application

  • any required follow-up takes place in this phase
  • an application will not advance if critical information is missing
  • if missing information is not critical, an applicant may complete a waiver to submit the documentation by a specified date

Phase 6: Verification and registration

  • IMGs must submit copies of their credentials to for verification; please rememeber to share this information with the College
  • applicant is booked for an in-person interview at the College
  • original documentation is verified on the day of the interview
  • welcome package and access to the College website is provided
  • if registration is granted, a letter detailing the registrant's licensure information is provided via email

Phase 7: Monitoring

  • follow-up on outstanding waivers
  • review of compliance with time-limited undertakings
  • review of undertakings involving professional conduct or health issues

Monitoring occurs as required while the physician is registered and licensed.