• have a medical degree from a medical school listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools which includes the Canada sponsor note
  • be able to provide a request for registration to the registrar from the department or division head, and the associate dean of postgraduate medical education, Faculty of Medicine, UBC
  • be legally entitled to live and work in British Columbia
  • meet the College’s English language proficiency requirements

Postgraduate fellows must have

  1. completed the educational requirements for certification as a specialist as determined by the RCPSC, OR
  2. obtained recognition as a medical or surgical specialist in their jurisdiction of practice immediately prior to applying for registration with the College.

Note: Registration as a postgraduate fellow may be granted for a limited duration not to exceed three years for the purpose of providing the applicant with an opportunity to acquire further postgraduate training in the applicant's specialty or sub-specialty.

Application Process

Please allow six weeks for the application to be processed.

  1. All postgraduate fellows must apply to, and be approved by, the postgraduate dean’s office at the University of British Columbia before being granted registration with the College.
  2. The College requires the postgraduate fellow’s approval of appointment from UBC, resume, and a letter of request from the department head under whose supervision the postgraduate fellow will be training.
  3. Once UBC has approved the postgraduate fellow’s application, the College will be informed via email.
  4. Upon receipt of that email, the College will email the postgraduate fellow an application package with further instructions. All of the forms must be completed and emailed or mailed back to the College at least six weeks prior to the training start date. Note: Failure to complete all of the forms and meet the deadline could result in registration not being granted on time.
  5. Once all the above steps have been completed, the postgraduate fellow must contact the College to arrange for an interview. All original documents (passport, medical degree, specialty certificate, etc.) must be brought to this interview. Registration will be granted at that time.

Additional Information

  1. A non-refundable fee of C$140 is required to complete the application process. A portion of this fee ($40) is required to complete a criminal record check.
  2. A licensing fee of C$150 is required each year registration as a postgraduate fellow is maintained.
  3. The certificate of professional conduct must be issued by the postgraduate fellow’s current regulatory authority and be dated 60 days prior to the start of the appointment.​
  4. All international medical graduates (IMGs) must submit their documents to physiciansapply.ca for source verification