The following information highlights retirement/resignation options and outlines how to proceed.

I wish to retire from practice completely.


Maintain contact with the College by becoming a library member.


Do not maintain contact with the College.


Your profile will remain on the College’s public registrant directory for five years from the date of your retirement/resignation. All published addresses will be removed from your profile upon retirement/resignation. Your profile will display one of the following: former, resigned; former, cancelled; former, deceased.

If you have a published disciplinary action, it will remain on the disciplinary actions page for 10 years from the date of publication.

Note: The College no longer maintains or provides a list of family physicians who are accepting new patients. Do not list the College as a resource for this service in your patient letters.

I wish to semi-retire from practice. I will not have an office practice, but I would like to do surgical assists only.


  • Submit your request to perform surgical assists only in writing to the deputy registrar. (If eligible, you will be required to sign undertakings limiting your practice.)

Physicians who do only surgical assists and have a signed undertaking to this effect are exempt from meeting the CPD/CME requirements. Physicians who wish to return to full, active practice, without limitations are required to meet currency and competency requirements as set out in the Bylaws and are subject to change.

I wish to semi-retire from practice. I will not have an office practice, but I would like to do locums throughout the year.

To perform locums, physicians are required to maintain full registration with the College by completing the licence renewal process (Annual Licence Renewal Form and fees).

Under the Health Professions Act, there is no specific class of registration that enables physicians to practise medicine periodically, for example, as a monthly locum. Physicians must maintain full registration to conduct locums.