Using the Registrant Directory

My physician or surgeon has moved, but the address online is still showing the old address where they used to work. How do I find this physician or surgeon?

Every physician and surgeon in the province is required to provide the College with a current business/contact address. If a physician or surgeon has not updated their profile or effectively informed the College of an address change, there is no way for the College to maintain accurate records throughout the year. The College suggests checking the website periodically or telephoning the physician or surgeon directly.

A patient may also call the College, but if the physician or surgeon has not notified the College of the change, a more current address may not be available.

My doctor is a dentist, chiropractor, optometrist, or psychologist. Why can't I find them in the online registrant directory?

These regulated health-care professionals may have the title "doctor" but they are not registrants of this College. The College's online registrant directory only lists medical doctors and podiatric surgeons with a valid licence to practise medicine in the province of British Columbia. Listings for other regulated health-care professionals can be found on their respective websites.

How can I find a physician or surgeon who specializes in a particular procedure?

The College does not gather information from physicians and surgeons about whether they perform a particular procedure or have a specific expertise or special interest beyond their formal academic credentials.

Why can't I find specialists who are accepting new patients?

In British Columbia, patients require a referral to see a specialist, either from a family physician or another specialist. In some instances (e.g. for elective surgeries or cosmetic procedures), specialists will see patients privately and without a referral from a family physician. However, in these circumstances, the patient will be billed and must pay the specialist directly.

How do I find a new family physician in my community?

Patients having difficulty finding a family physician who is accepting new patients may consider attending a walk-in clinic in their neighbourhood. According to College standards, physicians working in a walk-in clinic will be held responsible for offering any patient who doesn’t have a dedicated family physician longitudinal medical care, including the provision of appropriate periodic health examinations, regardless of how many times they attend the clinic. 

How do I find a walk-in clinic or other health services in my area?

To access a list of walk-in clinics and other health resources in your area, contact Healthlink BC by dialing 8-1-1 or by visiting their website at HealthLink BC develops, operates and maintains a comprehensive non-emergency health information and advice service to the residents of British Columbia.