College granted injunction against unlicensed practitioner

On February 14, 2023, the BC Supreme Court granted the College an injunction enjoining and restraining Zaliah Marie Batchelor from engaging in the unlawful practice of medicine.

As a non-registrant of the College, Batchelor must not

  •  practise medicine, including but not limited to, by providing any service that may only be provided by a registrant of the College;
  •  use any of the titles, “doctor,” “physician,” “surgeon,” and “medical practitioner,” any abbreviation of those titles, and any equivalent or abbreviation of any of those titles in another language:
    •  to describe her work,
    •  in association with or as another part of another title describing her work, or
    •  in association with a description of her work;
  • use any name, title, or description, or an abbreviation of a name or title, or an equivalent of a name or title in another language, in a manner that expresses or implies she is entitled to practise medicine, and 
  • recover any fee or remuneration in respect of the provision of a service that may only be provided by a registrant of the College, unless she was a registrant of the College at the time she provided the service. 

Receiving a medical service such as injections from an unlicensed practitioner is risky and has the potential for complications, including reaction to agents, infections, or greater harm due to human error. There is no assurance that the practitioner is competent or qualified to provide treatment, or that the material and equipment used are safe.

The College recommends that any person who is treated by an unlicensed practitioner consult with their family physician to review the treatment/procedure received and the materials used in performing the procedure. To verify the credentials and to ensure a physician is registered with the College, members of the public are encouraged to search the online registrant directory on the College website.

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