A message from the Board to registrants

At its meeting last week, the College Board expressed great concern and compassion for the challenges facing all of you as the pandemic continues in this fourth wave. On behalf of the Board, we offer you our deep gratitude and admiration for the unwavering commitment you have made to care for BC patients.

We acknowledge how difficult it is right now in the community and in hospitals, especially for those who are dealing with patients who may be against the vaccine, a few of whom have been hostile or aggressive. This is a disappointing situation for most Canadians, but we are acutely aware of the strain such behaviour puts on you and others on the frontline.

Throughout this pandemic, you have shown great resilience, adapting your practice to include virtual care and ensuring infection prevention and control measures were in place to keep patients safe when seeing them in person. You continue to endure difficult working conditions, staffing shortages, increased pressure from some patients to be exempt from getting vaccinated, protests, disillusionment and misinformation that is contrary to public health orders, which has no doubt delayed our collective progress to end the crisis we are in.

Medicine is a noble profession, but it is also a very difficult one. You are experiencing hardship and suffering perhaps like never before, and we know that burnout is a real possibility. Through this, we ask you to please take care of yourself first and foremost. Your personal health and well-being matter most right now as we continue the fight against COVID-19.

From all College Board members, we thank you sincerely for all that you are doing.

B. Anne Priestman, MD, FRCPC
Elected member

Tarjeet T.S. Mann
Appointed member