Provincial government announces plans to increase international medical graduates practising in BC

On November 27, 2022, the BC government announced plans to increase the number of international medical graduates (IMGs) practising in BC by

  • expanding the Practice Ready Assessment program,
  • introducing a new associate physician class of licensure that will allow for some IMGs who are not eligible for full or provisional licensure in BC to work in community-based primary care settings under the direction and supervision of an attending physician, and
  • introducing a new restricted class of licensure that will allow physicians trained in the US for three years to practise medicine in community settings, such as urgent and primary care centres, community clinics and family practices.

British Columbia has a long history of relying on IMGs to deliver competent medical care to patients. The College applauds this important announcement to expand pathways to licensure for IMGs and improve patient access to high-quality health care, and is pleased to work with the Ministry of Health to develop a structure that enables associate physicians to work in community primary care settings and to seek additional innovative, sustainable solutions to address BC’s health human resourcing challenges.

Read the full news release from the Ministry of Health here.