Volume 9 | No. 1 | Jan / Feb 2021

Revised PPEP office assessment process to launch spring 2021

Physician Practice Enhancement Program update


The Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) previously anticipated that the rollout of a revised office assessment process would take place in 2020. This implementation will now take place in the spring of 2021 and will begin with family practice offices. The office assessment is primarily based on the College’s standards and guidelines as well as on the PPEP assessment standards—both reflect mandatory requirements and best practices for community-based clinical offices.

The revised process begins with a detailed pre-visit questionnaire that covers key areas of an office setting including after-hours coverage, repeat prescriptions, handling of critical lab results, and safe vaccine and medication management.

Working collaboratively with registrants, program staff will review completed questionnaires, including submitted photos of office-related key components, and identify areas for improvement. Registrants will be required to demonstrate any required changes through an action plan, and the submission of additional information may be required.