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The influence of relationship-centred coaching on physician perceptions of peer review in the context of mandated regulatory practices

Physician Practice Enhancement Program update


Findings from PPEP’s 2019 study on relationship-centred coaching across three time periods in peer assessment has been published in Academic Medicine November 2020.

When it comes to physician assessment, facilitation does make a difference. The Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) evaluation team led a quasi-experimental analysis on physician ratings of the effectiveness of peer assessor interactions and peer review processes during three time periods: (1) a historical control, (2) a period after assessors were trained to deliver feedback using relationship-centered coaching, and (3) after physicians were given more capacity to choose patient records for peer review and engage in discussion about multi-source feedback results.

Analysis found that despite peer review being inherently stressful for physicians when they occur in the context of a regulatory authority visit, efforts to establish a quality improvement culture that prioritizes learning can improve physicians’ perceptions of the value of engaging with College-mandated peer review.

Findings were published in the November 2020 RIME supplement and presented virtually at the 2020 AAMC Learn-Serve-Lead conference.

The article is available for free download on the Academic Medicine website.