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Trauma-informed care reading list

College library


Trauma-informed care has at its core the principles of trauma awareness, safety, trustworthiness, choice and collaboration, and building of strengths and skills1 to optimize the care for people who have experienced violence and trauma.

The College library has prepared a reading list for registrants of selected books, chapters, and articles that focus on the nature and impact of trauma as well as implementation of trauma-informed practice. The emphasis is on practicalities of enhancing care to effectively support and work in partnership with traumatized patients. The list was selected from material currently available in the library’s collection.

For a more complete list of resources on this topic, request a literature search. Trauma-informed care is an emerging topic and the library aims to collect more relevant material in the future—suggestions from registrants are welcome. The reading list, like all the reading lists produced by the library, is a living document and will be reviewed and refreshed periodically.

  1. Trauma-Informed Practice Guide. BC Provincial Mental Health and Substance Use Planning Council. Victoria, BC: British Columbia Ministry of Health, 2013. Available from: https://bccewh.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/2013_TIP-Guide.pdf