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Revised Laser Safety practice standard published

Practice standard


The College Board reviewed and endorsed a revised version of the Laser Safety practice standard, which was published on September 28, 2021. Key revisions made to the practice standard include changing the title from Laser Safety for Physician Practice to Laser Safety, and adding clarification that for the purposes of the standard, a medical laser refers to a high-risk laser, such as a class 3B or 4 laser or any other laser for which the purchase is restricted to a licensed medical professional.

The updated practice standard now includes clear practice principles to communicate expectations, including the responsibilities of the medical director. It specifies that at the time of the procedure, the ordering registrant (or another registrant who has assumed responsibility) must be on-site and immediately available for consultation. 

Due to the comprehensive nature of the revised Laser Safety practice standard, the Laser Safety Summary, which previously served as a supplementary document, has now been archived.

Questions regarding the revised Laser Safety standard may be directed to communications@cpsbc.ca.