Volume 10 | No. 1 | Jan / Feb 2022

Podiatric registrants: prescription not processed? Check the practitioner reference code

drug programs update


Podiatric registrants have reported intermittent processing issues with their prescriptions at some pharmacies. This issue originates from the amalgamation of the two colleges in 2020 and is caused by the wrong practitioner reference code being entered in PharmaNet. 

In fact, there are different reference codes in PharmaNet for podiatric registrants who are assigned a 93-practitioner reference code and other College registrants who are assigned a 91-practitioner reference code. All podiatric registrants should have their prescriptions entered with the practitioner reference code 93.

For those who encounter any issues with prescription dispensation, a useful first step is to confirm the correct practitioner reference code is being used. 

Podiatric registrants can reach out to Drug Programs with any questions or concerns at drugprograms@cpsbc.ca or 604-733-7758 ext. 2629.