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Implementing section 7-5 of the College Bylaws in non-hospital facilities—office signage is required

Non-Hospital Medical and Surgical Facilities Accreditation Program update


Registrants have asked if non-hospital facilities are included in section 7-5 of the College Bylaws requiring office signage. The answer is yes.

Under section 7-5 of the College Bylaws, registrants practising in a private offices, clinics and facilities are now required to post signage or provide written notice to patients that the physicians and surgeons practising in that location are licensed and regulated by the College.  

Individual registrants working in these locations are not required to display their own unique signage; however, it is the responsibility of the non-hospital facility medical director to ensure the signage is displayed in public areas of the facility, such as lobbies, elevators and waiting rooms. The signage is generic and individual registrants are not named.  

The required signage can be downloaded during the annual licence renewal process or can be found at any time on a registrant’s profile on the College website on the practice information tab.

More information on the required private office signage can be found on this FAQ page