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Home sleep apnea testing—ensuring clear communication with the public

Diagnostic Accreditation Program


Accreditation of home sleep apnea testing facilities (HSAT) is well underway with 179 facilities successfully achieving provisional accreditation. Desktop audits have begun, and 13 facilities have submitted evidence for review by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) HSAT team.

The desktop audits, which included a review of facility (or company) websites and storefront images, have identified areas where facilities may be providing misleading, inaccurate or biased information to patients. These areas include allowing walk-in clients, not requiring a standardized requisition, providing unachievable promises and stating medical acts being performed by non-registrants.

To help HSAT facilities ensure clear and accurate information is provided to the public, the DAP directs HSAT facilities to review the College’s Advertising and Communication with the Public practice standard.

In addition, the DAP in partnership with the Ministry of Health will be holding a webinar to discuss the practice standard, as well as other related topics, and will invite questions from participants.

HSAT facilities will be contacted directly with more information about the webinar.