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CPS―a drug resource to support effective prescribing

College library


CPS (formerly RxTx) provides drug monographs developed by manufacturers, approved by Health Canada, and optimized by Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) editors. Prescribing information for drugs available in Canada is described in detail, as is that for vaccines, natural health products, and medical devices. Drug sections include plain language Information for Patient handouts.

Additionally, monographs written by CPhA editorial staff and reviewed by expert physicians and pharmacists cover more than 300 drugs, primarily those available as generic brands. And, a search for “cannabis” for example will bring up detailed, evidence-based guidance on use, adverse effects, interactions with other drugs, warnings, and more on plant-based cannabis.

CPS is available on desktop through the College website and includes:

  • Therapeutic Choices (under “Drugs/Conditions” tab) for pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapeutic guidance.
  • Lexi-Interact (under “Tools” tab) for evidence-based drug and herbal interaction analysis 

The CPS app is available for iOS and Android and provides drug monograph content without Therapeutic Choices or Lexi-Interact. No internet connection is needed other than for installing and updating. Instructions are available to activate the app using the College’s organizational code.

Explore more services and resources from the College library and feel welcome to contact library staff for assistance via the website, email at medlib@cpsbc.ca, or phone at 604-737-6671.