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CPS: drug therapy from a Canadian source

College library


The College library provides several drug-related resources including a Canadian source, CPS. CPS is described by its publisher, the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), as "Canada's authoritative source for prescribing and managing drug therapy at the point of care, providing health care professionals with online access to evidence-based, reliable Canadian drug and therapeutic information."

The breadth of the content in CPS varies depending on the route of access either via the web or the mobile app. Both are available to College registrants with library access.

To use CPS via the web, select CPS on the library’s Drug Tools page.

  • Drug information: Health Canada–approved monographs from manufactures and CPhA's evidence based, peer-reviewed monographs, including guidance on off-label uses
  • Condition-focused therapy: pharmacological and non-pharmacological guidance from Therapeutic Choices
  • Minor Ailments: management of common ailments from allergic rhinitis to viral rashes
  • Lexi-Interact: drug interaction checker (includes natural products)

The CPS mobile app includes the same drug and condition information as the web platform but the drug interaction checker is not present. Instructions for downloading and activating the app can be found on the College website (CPSID login required).

College library staff can assist registrants using library online resources. Email medlib@cpsbc.ca or call 604-733-6671.

The Guide to Services summarizes all the library’s services for registrants via a video and text.