Volume 11 | No. 1 | Jan / Feb 2023

Getting the pressure right

Non-Hospital Medical and Surgical Facilities Accreditation Program update


After completing a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) risk assessment, some patients may require the use of mechanical compression in the form of thromboembolic deterrent stockings (compression stockings or TED hose) or Sequential Compression Devices (SCD) to prevent DVT during the perioperative process.  

The induction of general anesthesia results in loss of pulsatile venous flow in the legs with subsequent endothelial activation and potential initiation of a thrombotic nidus. Therefore, it is important that the TED hose and the SCDS are applied and turned on beforehand.  

Reviewing the need for compression devices during the briefing portion of the surgical safety checklist will ensure this important step in patient care is never missed.