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Guidance for minor ailments

College library


Minor or ambulatory ailments are very common presentations, especially in family practice. Registrants with library access can find information to help patients through the "Minor Ailments" section of the CPS. 

In both the online web-based version and the mobile app, search CPS for such conditions as allergic rhinitis, plantar warts, ostomy care, sun-induced skin damage and view:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment algorithms
  • Non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic therapy options
  • Drug tables with relative costs
  • Monitoring
  • Advice for the patient

Access the CPS from the tools for clinical care drug tools tab in the library section of the College website. The app can be activated using the information on the apps page.

On a related topic, the online book called Minor emergencies (2022) provides management guidance for a broad range of emergent situations such as acute dystonic drug reaction, needle/foreign body in foot, smoke inhalation injury, and zipper entrapment of penis or chin. 

The Guide to Services describes the full range of College library services and resources. Registrants can contact the College library at medlib@cpsbc.ca, 604-733-6671 or make a request online.