Volume 11 | No. 2 | Mar / Apr 2023

BC patients get free access to many contraceptives

Contraceptive pills


As of April 1, 2023, PharmaCare will cover the full cost of many contraceptives for all BC residents.

  • Oral contraceptives
  • IUDs - hormonal and copper
  • Hormone implant
  • Hormone injection
  • Emergency oral contraceptives (no prescription needed)

Registrants only need to prescribe a contraceptive that PharmaCare fully covers or help patients transition to one. Patients will then present the prescription and their BC Services Card at a pharmacy, and the prescription will be free.

Information for prescribers: Free contraceptives—information for health professionals. This page will include a list of fully covered contraceptives soon. 

General information for the public: Prescription contraceptives covered by PharmaCare.