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Job Shadowing/Observing: practice standard and related inquiries

Practice standard


Recently, the College has been receiving a notable increase in inquiries regarding job shadowing in clinical settings. While the College understands the interest students may have in learning more about medical practice, it does not support job shadowing or observing by individuals who are not enrolled as students of health professions regulated by the Health Professions Act or Emergency Health Services Act, irrespective of patient consent.

This applies to both high school and university students, including those enrolled in applicable studies. For more information about the College’s expectations, refer to the Job Shadowing/Observing practice standard. For students enrolled in international medical programs looking to engage in a clinical experience in BC, more information can be found on the College website here.

Note: International medical students or graduates cannot start their clinical experience until they have received a licence from the College.

Registrants may employ students as medical office workers who are not in health professions programs. Like other unregulated staff, these students should be fully apprised of their legal obligations with respect to patient privacy and formalize it with a signed confidentiality agreement.

Questions regarding the practice standard can be directed to communications@cpsbc.ca.

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