Volume 11 | No. 4 | Jul / Aug 2023 query_builder 1 minute

Final reminder to enroll in PRIME to gain or retain PharmaNet access



A reminder that registrants with existing PharmaNet access who want to retain it must enroll by August 15, 2023. Physicians who do not currently have access and require it must enroll in PRIME before accessing PharmaNet.

PRIME is a largely automated application where health professionals request permission to access PharmaNet for both sites and individuals.

People accessing PharmaNet on a physician’s behalf must also enroll by the August 15, 2023 deadline (e.g. registration clerks, unit clerks, MOAs, students).

New sites (clinical locations where PharmaNet is used to deliver care to patients in person) must be registered to access PharmaNet.

Existing sites must be registered in PRIME for health professionals to access PharmaNet at those locations. A site can be registered on a health professional’s behalf by someone who does not access PharmaNet and is not a registrant of a college, such as a MOA or office manager, by August 31, 2023.

Further information about site registration and user enrolment can be found below:

Please contact 1-844-397-7463 or PrimeSupport@gov.bc.ca if you have questions or require more information.