Volume 11 | No. 4 | Jul / Aug 2023

Rules for clinical observership and job shadowing by visitors from other jurisdictions

Job shadow


The College has been contacted by registrants in recent months inquiring about hiring students, or physicians and surgeons from other jurisdictions for a job shadowing opportunity or clinical observership.

Per the practice standard, Job Shadowing/Observing, the College does not support the practice of job shadowing or observing by people who are not enrolled as students of health professions regulated by the Health Professions Act or Emergency Health Services Act. Information about the registration and licensing process for clinical observership is available on the College website.

Visiting medical students must be enrolled in the UBC Visiting Student Elective Program and must be registered and licensed with the College before they commence any patient interaction. Students who cannot be accommodated by UBC must meet certain eligibility requirements. More information about these requirements can be found on the College website’s section on medical students.