Volume 11 | No. 4 | Jul / Aug 2023 query_builder 1 minute

Single sign-on enabled for library users


The College library and Bright Health, an electronic medical record system (EMR) provider, have partnered to simplify access to the library’s online information resources through the MOIS EMR.

Single sign-on is a technology that manages access permissions between multiple online platforms so users are not required to repeatedly provide usernames and passwords. This eases the cognitive load of remembering passwords and reduces time and effort from repeated authentication.

MOIS users may select “CPSBC Library” in the EMR’s list of clinical support options (under the “Help” tab) and choose the single sign-on option to login to the College library. After the first submission of the CPSBC username and password and once access is granted, the underlying application, OAuth2, shares anonymized tokens between MOIS and CPSBC servers so that MOIS users can access the library without repeated logins on subsequent visits.

MOIS users will be prompted to login again to obtain new tokens if they have not used the single sign-on process for six months. The single sign-on process does not share any personally identifiable information between either system.

Single sign-on brings MOIS EMR users a more efficient route to library resources like the point-of-care tools DynaMed and BMJ Best Practice, drug information resources such as CPS and Martindale pharmacopeia, curated reading lists, electronic books, AudioDigest’s medical lectures, databases such as Medline and PsycInfo, and request forms for personalized services from library staff.

Full library services can be explored on the College website.

Registrants who use MOIS will experience more efficiency and productivity through this streamlined access to the College library via single sign-on.