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Registering community practice sites in PRIME



According to the Ministry of Health, there are still private community practice sites that have not registered as a site in PRIME. All sites requiring PharmaNet access must be approved via PRIME. Site approval is also required before clinicians at a site can access PharmaNet – even if they are enrolled in PRIME as individual PharmaNet users. 

A site can be registered on a health professional’s behalf by someone who does not access PharmaNet and is not a registrant of a college, such as a MOA or office manager.

Further information about site registration and user enrolment can be found below:

No action is required if:

  • you are not responsible for your clinic’s PharmaNet site access
  • your clinic’s registration is already submitted in PRIME
  • you work for a health authority
  • you are not currently using PharmaNet at your site

Please contact 1-844-397-7463 or PrimeSupport@gov.bc.ca if you have questions or require more information.

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