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Seeking part-time assessors for associate physician accreditation assessments

Registration update


The registration department is actively seeking registrants to serve as assessors to conduct associate physician (AP) program accreditation assessments for both acute and community primary care settings.

The associate physician class of registration is intended to allow physicians with postgraduate medical training acceptable to the College, who do not meet the criteria for licensure as independent medical practitioners, to work under supervision in team-based specialty acute care and community primary care settings to increase capacity and service delivery. 

All AP programs are required to obtain accreditation from the College prior to the commencement of practice for associate physicians. AP program accreditation assessors will conduct a remote assessment (four to eight hours), which consists of a thorough review of documents provided by the program that satisfy the associate physician program accreditation standards (e.g. job description, oversight structure, evaluation templates). 
AP program accreditation assessors provide the following services:

  • Contact the AP program liaisons to obtain the required materials/documentation for the AP program accreditation assessment;
  • Review the AP program accreditation assessment materials/documentation; and 
  • Submit the AP program accreditation assessment report, along with any/all supporting materials obtained during the assessment, to the College within two weeks of completing the assessment.

Registrants selected for this position must hold full licensure, be in good standing with the College, and should possess a high-level knowledge of assessment best practices, bylaws, and regulations.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, with a resume, to registration-assessments@cpsbc.ca.

Phone: 604-733-7758 ext. 2343

All correspondence will be held in strict confidence.