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DAP successfully completes three external evaluations with ISQua EEA

DAP update


To ensure effective accreditation and improve public safety through assessment, the College’s Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) is committed to adhering to relevant best practice standards, including those published by the International Society for Quality for Healthcare External Evaluation Association (ISQua EEA). Over the past eight months, the DAP has successfully completed three evaluations with ISQua EEA.

Desktop evaluations of accreditation standards and the standards development process for both DAP diagnostic imaging and DAP laboratory medicine were successfully completed in December 2022 and January 2023 respectively. The program’s processes and accreditation standards were evaluated to the Guidelines and Principles for the Development of Health and Social Care Standards, and each evaluation required the submission of comprehensive sets of documents and records, including the sets of accreditation standards. The resulting accreditation of the standards is noted by the accredited standards seal in the footer of the DAP accreditation standards themselves.

In April 2023, DAP hosted three international evaluators who performed an in-depth review of DAP and College processes, systems and structures against the requirements of the Guidelines and Standards for External Evaluation Organisations. This evaluation was scheduled for a week and included a review of the processes, records, staff, peer assessors, and quality management systems, as well as the College’s finance, information technology, governance, records and communications policies and procedures. Following this thorough evaluation, the DAP received its fourth organizational accreditation in June 2023.

The DAP continues to improve and strive for excellence by meeting and exceeding external best practice standards. The repeated, successful evaluation to ISQua EEA guidelines, principles and standards reinforces this improvement journey and the DAP’s vision of quality health care together.

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