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New and updated DAP position statements available

DAP update


The Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) provides accreditation in a formal and independent manner based on established standards to ensure quality and safety of the facility and/or service is maintained.

The standards are evidence-based, outcome-focused mandatory requirements and best practices that are aligned to the principles of quality. Due to complex or evolving practices, DAP standards sometimes require additional clarification on a particular issue.
This is communicated through position statements.

Position statements provide background information and express or clarify the College’s intent on a particular matter. They serve as guidance in areas where

  • events are evolving or changing rapidly,
  • the implementation of processes and procedures may be premature, or
  • it is timely to communicate the College’s broad intent before or as policies and procedures are developed.

The following new position statements are now available on the College website

Credentialing Requirements for Pulmonary Function Testing has been updated.