Volume 11 | No. 6 | Nov / Dec 2023

Educational videos for facilities

DAP update


As part of the Diagnostic Accreditation Program’s (DAP) ongoing commitment to transparency and accessibility of the accreditation process and requirements, the program is developing a series of short videos to support awareness, understanding and continued improvement.

The first of this series reviews quality management systems and notes the relevancy and applicability in each of the accreditation programs’ standards. Future educational videos are planned for topics such as measurement uncertainty, proficiency testing, or quality control, and may be specific to all accreditation programs, or support unique aspects of individual programs. Over the coming months, links to new videos will be shared directly as they are published. 

View the quality management systems video on YouTube.

Learn more about the DAP on the College website.

Requests for specific video topics can be directed to dap@cpsbc.ca.