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PTSD—variety of information sources


The library responds to a remarkable diversity of information requests from registrants. Literature search requests cover almost all aspects of medicine from teaching, research, clinical practice, and administration and any condition and specialty therein. Few are duplicates. Thus, the fact that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) accounts for about 2% of literature search queries in the last six months suggests a strong interest among registrants.

Clinical questions on PTSD are often nuanced and literature databases are often the best source for current, specific information. Examples of these questions received by the College library include sexual health and dysfunction linked to PTSD, the role of trauma-informed care of patients with PTSD in drug treatment courts, treating PTSD in one-to-one or group counselling setting, and ketamine therapy for PTSD. Thorough search strategies can be crafted by librarians to locate the highest levels of evidence available from published studies.  Below are more information sources that support learning about PTSD. 

Evidence-based overviews of PTSD management can be found in in these point-of-care tools:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder. BMJ Best practice. BMJ Press, Feb 2023.
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). DynaMed. EBSCO, Jan 2024.
  • Clinical overview: posttraumatic stress disorder. Clinical Key. Elsevier, Nov 2023.

These audio lectures below may be of interest (first-time users, use these instructions to set up free a AudioDigest account):

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and the trauma healthcare provider (General Surgery). J. Fanelli. Feb 2024.
  • A trauma-informed approach to substance use disorders (Psychiatry). E. Zarse.  Mar, 2023.
  • Management of posttraumatic stress disorder and related disorders (Psychiatry). H. Fretwell. Dec 2022.

Recent PTSD-related ebooks available via the library include:

  • Looking At Trauma: A Tool Kit For Clinicians. A Hershler. Penn State University Press, 2021.
  • Childhood trauma and resilience: a practical guide. HC Forkey. American Academy of Pediatrics, 2021.
  • The art and science of compassionate care: a practical guide. A Samoutis, et al. Springer, 2023.

For support with use of the resources above or to pose information requests, registrants are welcome to reach out to the library. A summary of library services and resources can be found on the College website.