Volume 12 | No. 2 | Mar / Apr 2024

Community-based office sign requirement

Office sign


Per section 7-5 of the College Bylaws, registrants practising in a private office, clinic, or facility are required to post a sign or provide written notice to patients that the physicians and surgeons practising in that location are licensed and regulated by the College.

As the College launched a new logo in April 2023, registrants who have posted an office sign with the now-retired crest are required to replace it with an office sign with the new College logo. Registrants can download an updated sign by logging in to the College website.

Note: In multi-registrant clinics, the medical director is responsible for ensuring the sign is posted in a clinic or facility setting.

For more information, please see the frequently asked questions.

Compliance with section 7-5 of the College Bylaws is confirmed by the Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) during an office assessment.