Volume 12 | No. 2 | Mar / Apr 2024

Antimicrobial stewardship report available to registrants

Drug Programs update


The College drug programs endeavours to support registrants in prescribing safely throughout their careers. Registrants who are licensed for independent practice are encouraged to request a personalized antibiotic prescribing report, which is available upon request. The report will compare quarterly antibiotic prescribing volumes with a practice-specific comparator group.

Note: The report draws no conclusions regarding the appropriateness of antimicrobial prescribing or adherence to clinical guidelines and scientific literature. It serves as supplemental information to assist registrants in optimizing their approach to antimicrobial prescribing and enhancing the overall care provided to patients.

The College website has been updated to include an overview of antimicrobial stewardship, a resource section and a new report available to registrants. Report updates are available quarterly.