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Introducing the Environmental and Sustainability Committee



The College recognizes the impact the health-care sector has on sustainability and the environment. According to the World Health Organization, climate change related impacts on nature, waste and health are expected to cause approximately 250,000 additional health-related deaths per year from 2030 to 2050. Studies have also shown that Canada’s health-care system contributes to 4.6 per cent of national greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than the aviation industry. 

To address such impacts, the College has established an ad-hoc advisory Environmental and Sustainability Committee (ESC), which reports to the Board. Through the ESC, the College has an opportunity to work within the broader health system in its regulatory role to:

  • Identify key environmental and sustainability challenges, opportunities, and priorities relevant to the College's operations. 
  • Contribute ideas and perspectives to inform the development and implementation of environmental and sustainability initiatives.
  • Support College departments and programs identify and meet their environmental and sustainability goals and targets.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of ESC activities and recommend areas for improvement.

As a starting point, the ESC will implement an 18-month roadmap to support the College in defining its sustainability position, setting clear environmental commitments and targets, and taking credible steps to meet those targets. Committee members―two Board members and eight staff representing all departments―will participate in a facilitated workshop in June to identify the environmental and sustainability impacts of the College’s operations and prioritize sustainability efforts. 

Progress of the ESC will be shared on the College website.