Volume 6 | No. 2 | Mar / Apr 2018 query_builder 1 minute

Enhanced road assessment to strengthen road safety



DriveABLE assessments are no longer being used by RoadSafetyBC to make licensing decisions. RoadSafetyBC has stopped referring drivers to DriveABLE, and will not pay for any DriveABLE assessment that was completed as of March 1, 2018. 

Key points for physicians:

  • DriveABLE will be replaced by a new enhanced road assessment (ERA) administered by ICBC. 
  • The ERA will also replace Class 5 ICBC road test re-examinations. 
  • The ERA is an on-road assessment, which does not have or use an in-office computer-based screening component. 
  • The ERA will be used by RoadSafetyBC to evaluate drivers of any age with a cognitive, motor, or visual deficit that may impair their ability to safely drive. 
  • The results of the ERA will be reviewed by RoadSafetyBC along with all other information related to the driver’s medical fitness to drive, to make a licensing decision. 
  • There is no change to the age 80 Driver Medical Examination Report process. 
  • The Report of a Condition Affecting Fitness and Ability to Drive form has been updated to remove DriveABLE from the recommendation section. Physicians should recommend an ERA conducted by ICBC if they wish to refer a patient for a driving assessment.