Volume 6 | No. 3 | May / Jun 2018 query_builder 1 minute

PRIME: The future of access to PharmaNet



The Ministry of Health has launched the PharmaNet Revisions for Information Management Enhancement (PRIME) project to update how users obtain and maintain access to PharmaNet. 

PRIME will create a system for PharmaNet user management that satisfies government regulation and standards, standardizes processes across the province, positions the Ministry of Health as the approver for all PharmaNet users’ access, and ensures that all PharmaNet access is transparent and accountable. 

PRIME will offer the following benefits: 

  • accommodate increased demand for access to PharmaNet
  • ensure individual accountability for access to PharmaNet
  • ensure PharmaNet has the safeguards British Columbians expect for their health information

The PRIME project team will engage with PharmaNet users throughout the PRIME planning, design, development and implementation phases. 

The PRIME project team is eager to engage with physicians and administrators in private practice, to better understand PharmaNet access needs for multi-physician clinics, walk-in clinics, or other treatment centres. Physicians or their office staff who are interested in participating in the PRIME engagement process, please contact us at PRIME@gov.bc.ca.

The effective date of PRIME will be communicated when it is known. 

More information about PRIME is available here, including a project introduction sheet and FAQ

Sign up for the PRIME distribution list to receive information about the project and progress, as well as opportunities to provide feedback.