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Selected sources on COVID-19

College library


Clinical evidence for preventing and managing COVID-19 infection is surfacing so rapidly that it is challenging for registrants to remain current. In addition to important sources of guidance listed on the College website, and those mentioned in volume 8, issue 2 of the College Connector, other databases and websites listed below may be useful for searching the current literature for specific pandemic-related queries.

From the US National Library of Medicine

  • Clinical studies related to the coronavirus disease listed in ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Current articles related to COVID-19 listed in Medline via PubMed
  • Disaster Lit, a database for disaster medicine and public health that focusses on expert guidelines, research reports, conference proceedings, and similar documents that are part of the "grey literature," (i.e. documents produced outside of the commercial publishing industry)

From Ovid

Expert search strategies focused on COVID-19 in Medline and Embase databases and suggested Medline search strategies for COVID-19 and hydroxychloroquine, personal protective equipment, evidence and use of cloth DIY masks. See the Expert Search Strategies tab at http://tools.ovid.com/coronavirus/.

Using the PSYCINFO database

For psychological/psychiatric studies using PsycINFO, add this COVID-19 search statement to the rest of the concepts in your query using "AND":

  • TX (2019nCoV OR sars cov 2 OR nCov* OR SARS-COV2 OR SARSCov2) OR TX (covid* NOT (covidence* OR covidien*)) OR ((MA "Coronavirus" OR MA "Coronavirus Infections" OR TX corona virus* OR TX coronavir*) AND TX wuhan AND ZR "2020"))

COVID-19-related guidelines

Guidelines filtered for COVID-19 content and produced by Canadian, American, and UK associations can be found using these links:

  • CPG Infobase from Joule (Canadian): https://joulecma.ca/cpg/homepage/browse-by/category/conditions/id/488
  • ECRI Guidelines Trust (US): https://guidelines.ecri.org/search?q=*&ca=4rwrrhR3NNo8AXVWEH0vJx (requires a free registration)
  • NHS Evidence (UK): https://www.nice.org.uk/covid-19  

COVID-19 EvidenceAlerts

High-quality studies worthy of clinical attention are collected daily by the Health Information Research Unit at McMaster University: https://plus.mcmaster.ca/COVID-19/

College library staff are working as usual and will respond to registrants' medical information needs including locating articles and providing literature searches. Contact the library at medlib@cpsbc.ca or access web forms here.