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Updated exemptions for point-of-care testing

Diagnostic Accreditation Program


After an extensive review by subject matter experts and consultation with key stakeholders, the College has released an updated list of select point-of-care laboratory diagnostic tests that do not require accreditation. The updated list was approved by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) Committee and the Board. This is the first update of the list since 2009.

The diagnostic tests exempt from accreditation are limited to those that are simple point-of-care procedures requiring minimal technology, training, and have a low rate of erroneous results.
Registrants can only perform the procedures when treating their own patients or treating a patient who has been referred to them by another physician. 

Registrants conducting diagnostic services without accreditation are expected to provide any appropriate follow-up testing as indicated. This includes ordering confirmation testing for all positive point-of-care HIV 1/2 results. Confirmation HIV testing is to be performed by the BC Centre for Disease Control. 

The list of exempt point-of-care diagnostic tests approved by the DAP Committee and the College Board is available in full on the College website here.