Seeking public feedback on the Consent to Treatment draft practice standard

The College conducted an in-depth engagement process with registrants and other health care professionals who work with patients who may experience challenges with the consent process. The overall goal of this standard is to ensure equity and consistency when obtaining consent. The practice standard was developed with guidance from the Patient Relations, Professional Standards and Ethics Committee. 

The College is seeking public input to evaluate whether the principles outlined in the updated draft of the Consent to Treatment practice standard are practical, clear, comprehensive, and easy to understand. 

The College is also seeking feedback on the draft Consent to Treatment – Equity Considerations registrant resource which highlights key considerations brought forward during the engagement process and areas in which there may be challenges.

The College will use this feedback to develop further resources (e.g. case studies, online learning modules), which may be helpful for registrants as they apply the standard. 
Please share your feedback with us by completing this short survey before February 10, 2023.