October 29, 2021

Several revised practice standards published

The College has recently updated several practice standards:

  • Treatment of Self, Family Members and Others Close to You: includes a new paragraph acknowledging that registrants practising in rural or remote settings face unique circumstances, updated formatting to include all expectations clearly listed under the “College’s Position” and a list of definitions.
  • Ending the Patient-registrant Relationship: includes “the patient moves to another community making required in-person assessments impracticable” as a new example where ending the patient-registrant relationship would be considered appropriate.
  • Access to Medical Care Without Discrimination: includes an updated title which better reflects the intent of the standard— to prevent discrimination in medical care.
  • Medical Records Management and Medical Records Documentation: the previous Medical Records, Data Stewardship and Confidentiality of Personal Health Information practice standard has been separated into two distinct practice standards with new titles: Medical Records Management and Medical Records Documentation. The principles of the standard have not changed.

Questions regarding the updated practice standards may be directed to communications@cpsbc.ca.