September 16, 2013   | Posted in:

Our Purpose, Your Safety

British Columbia’s 23 health regulators have collaborated on the development of an awareness campaign to deliver an important public message about the role of professional self-regulation. The campaign is designed to raise people's awareness about which health professions are regulated, why it is important to check the credentials and ensure that the health professional they choose to see is regulated, and inform them what can be done if they have concerns about the care they receive.

The campaign was launched on September 16, 2013. Elements of the campaign include transit shelter ads, articles and ads in community papers, television closed-captioning messages, and the launch of a new website at Materials will be delivered in English, French, Spanish, Cantonese/Mandarin, Punjabi, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Farsi.

July 04, 2013   | Posted in:

Introducing the College Connector

The College is pleased to introduce its new electronic newsletter, the College Connector which replaces the long-standing printed newsletter, the College Quarterly. The new newsletter will be published and distributed electronically to registrants six times a year. The College Connector endeavours to connect registrants and other stakeholders with the work and activities of the College. It will include articles on College programs, new standards and guidelines, applicable laws and legislation, cases and recommendations, College-sponsored CME courses, and other matters related to the regulation of the profession.


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