Credentialing is a process that involves the collection, verification and assessment of information regarding the education, training, experience, and ability of an individual physician to perform a requested restricted service. In British Columbia physicians must have the requisite credentials as outlined in the BC Medical Quality Initiative (BC MQI) Provincial Privileging Dictionaries for specific privileges within health authorities.

Credentialing for physicians who hold privileges at any health authority facility is performed by the health authority, and includes assessing eligibility for MSP billings for restricted services within health authority facilities. For further information, please contact the health authority medical affairs office.  

Many medical offices are owner-operated solo practices and the physician may not hold privileges with a health authority; therefore, the physician would not have proceeded through a credentialing process for restricted services with the health authority. In these instances the physician is licensed to their scope of practice through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. For MSP billing purposes for a restricted service, the College will review the associated credentials required to be eligible to bill for these services and will notify MSP of the eligibility. To apply for a provision of MSP restricted services with the College, physicians are required to complete the MSP Restricted Services Credentialing Application.

For further information, please contact

For community-based multi-physician facilities, the medical director and ownership are responsible for ensuring the physicians that practise in their medical facility are appropriately credentialed, either through the health authority or by reviewing the credentials of the physician and ensuring that the physician has been deemed eligible to bill MSP for the services.  

Please refer to the BC MQI Provincial Privileging Dictionaries for credentialing requirements for all applications.