Controlled Prescription Program

The Controlled Prescription Program aims to reduce inappropriate prescribing of controlled medications and to prevent forgeries. Prescriptions for the controlled medications specified in the program must be written on the duplicate prescription pad specially developed for this purpose.

Drugs requiring the use of a duplicate prescription

The list of drugs requiring a duplicate prescription has been prepared with the assistance of the College of Pharmacists of BC and the offices of PharmaCare. The list is subject to change as new drugs or new dosage forms are introduced to the pharmacopoeia. Attempts will be made to keep this list as current as possible.

The College acknowledges the assistance of the College of Pharmacists of BC and the consultant pharmacist staff at PharmaCare for their assistance in maintaining the accuracy of this information.

Note: If using EMR, the duplicate prescription must still be used for prescribing of controlled medication until changes are made to allow for e-prescribing. The current prescription pad contains instructions to remove the blue copy and attach it to the patient record, either physically or electronically. If the blue copy cannot be scanned into the EMR, please retain it within the duplicate pad and take appropriate measures to protect the privacy of the information contained therein.

Prescription pad reorder forms

Please allow for two to three weeks for order processing and delivery.

Lost, stolen, or forged prescription pads

If a prescription pad is lost, stolen or forged, physicians should:

Physicians who would like the College to send a copy of their prescribing profile to check prescriptions filled under their name, please submit a request in writing

Prescribing in Postgraduate Medical Education Training Program

Requests for prescription privileges are submitted to the UBC Postgraduate Medical Education dean’s office by program administrators on the behalf of their trainees. Requests are reviewed by the dean’s office and submitted to the College for processing.