Procedural Pain Management


In 2016, the College announced and began an initiative to develop standards for the accreditation of procedural pain management (PPM) procedures performed outside the hospital setting in community-based physician offices, practices and clinics. The purpose was to establish a process for accrediting these facilities, the credentialing of physicians performing procedures that require an accredited setting and to ensure that sufficient safety and quality measures are in place.

Accreditation standards for community-based PPM offices, practices and clinics have been developed and were recently approved by the Non-Hospital Medical and Surgical Facilities Accreditation Program Committee. The process for developing these standards included convening an advisory panel of subject-matter experts in pain medicine, anesthesiology (including family practice anesthesia), interventional radiology and physical medicine and rehabilitation, and two rounds of public consultation.

The PPM accreditation standards address physician credentialing and privileging, procedures that require an accredited facility or should only be done in a hospital, imaging requirements (ultrasound, fluoroscopy, CT), infection, prevention and control requirements, and patient safety and quality care requirements.

Next steps

Implementation of the accreditation of PPM in the community setting was planned for summer 2020. However, with the COVID-19 global pandemic, this has been delayed until fall 2020. Implementation will take a phased approach beginning with physician credentialing and privileging. Physicians who are currently performing PPM procedures will be notified of the process for applying for accreditation soon. 

In the meantime, the PPM accreditation standards are being posted so that community-based physician offices, practices and clinics can familiarize themselves with the criteria which they will be assessed to and begin preparing for their eventual accreditation.

Physicians and facilities with questions about the implementation of the PPM standards can direct them to

Accreditation standards