Assessment Process

Physicians who are selected to participate in Physician Office Medical Device Reprocessing Assessments (POMDRA) will be sent an email requesting completion of a pre-assessment questionnaire. The email will be sent to the email address listed in the College registrant database.

If a physician identifies their place of practice as a multi-physician clinic, then the affiliated physicians and medical director will be asked to submit additional pre-assessment information. This will allow for all physicians practising at the multi-physician clinic to benefit from POMDRA.

Note: Physicians are responsible for ensuring that their contact information is current at all times.

Steps in the process

  1. Pre-assessment: Physician is selected and emailed the pre-assessment questionnaire for completion. The completed pre-assessment questionnaire is reviewed the College. If the physician works at a multi-physician clinic, ongoing correspondence from this point on will be made directly with the medical director. All physicians who complete the questionnaire will be contacted.
  2. Assessment assigned: Selected physician receives notice of the assessment by email. Email to physician/medical director will inform on whether the assessment will take place by phone or in-person.
  3. Assessment scheduled: The College contacts physician/medical director to schedule assessment.
  4. Assessment: Assessor conducts assessment either by phone or in person with physician/medical director or staff most responsible for medical device reprocessing in the practice setting. Report is submitted to the College for review.
  5. Assessment report: Assessment report finalized with required and recommended corrective actions.
  6. Follow-up: Assessment report sent to physician/medical director with deadline for submission of action plan to correct deficiencies/next steps.
  7. Action plan evaluation: The College reviews action plan. Follow-up may be required for some.
  8. Program evaluation: Physician completes the post-assessment questionnaire.