For Steam Sterilization

The physician office medical device reprocessing assessment tool is specifically for physician offices who reprocess semi-critical and/or critical medical devices using a steam sterilizer and based on the requirements and recommendations of the BC Ministry of Health Best Practices for Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization for Critical and Semi-Critical Medical Devices (2011) document regarding practices around steam sterilization (autoclave).

The assessment tool can be downloaded here

How this assessment tool should be used:

  1. For the registrant who uses a steam sterilizer to reprocess reusable semi-critical and/or critical medical devices: As a self -assessment tool. This self-reflective exercise is an opportunity for the registrant to identify deficiencies prior to participating in POMDRA. Once it has been completed by the registrant it does not need to be submitted to the College.
  2. For the medical device reprocessing (MDR) assessor during an in-person visit: If a physician office is selected for an in-person visit by a College MDR assessor, this tool will be used to assess the MDR practices of the office related to the office reusable medical devices and the steam sterilizer. Upon completing the tool, the MDR assessor will provide on-the-spot feedback based on the assessment results. The tool will also be the final report sent to the registrant for follow-up.