Complaint about sexual misconduct

If you believe that a BC physician or surgeon may have crossed a line, said something that made you feel awkward or uncomfortable, or otherwise engaged in sexual misconduct, please contact us to speak with a trained complaint navigator.

Why should I report it?

Coming forward about a sexually inappropriate encounter with a physician or surgeon can be difficult. There may be many reasons why you might be worried about doing so. There are, however, good reasons for reporting what happened to the College.

  • Public protection: Incidents of sexual abuse or misconduct are often not isolated. Coming forward could mean preventing an incident from occurring again.
  • Awareness: We won’t know otherwise. We rely on patients to make us aware when things aren’t right. We can only learn about sexual abuse or misconduct from patients who make complaints.
  • A sense of closure: Knowing that there is an investigation and potential consequences may play a role in your healing process.

Support from a dedicated complaint navigator

When you call us for assistance, you will speak to a dedicated complaint navigator who has training in the area of sexual abuse and trauma.

The complaint navigator will guide and support you through the complaints process.

Who can I call?

Call us at 604-733-7758 and ask to speak to the complaint navigator.

You do not need to provide your name if you prefer to be anonymous during the initial call. You can tell us what happened, and we will explain the College’s complaint and discipline process so you know what to expect. You can then decide if you would like to proceed with a complaint.

You may also call that number if you have more general questions about the complaints process, or submit a comment or question online.

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