List of unlicensed practitioners

People who claim to be College registrants and/or offer medical services without being licensed and registered with a college regulated by the Health Professions Act are engaging in unlicensed practice.

Written court decisions are provided where publicly available online. Inquiries regarding any of these individuals or businesses may be directed at the College.

The College has taken action against the following unlicensed medical practitioners in British Columbia:

Who is eligible to use the title “doctor” and its abbreviations?

Only registrants of the College are permitted by law to use the title “doctor,” with some notable exceptions:

  • members of certain other regulated health professions
    • dentists
    • naturopaths
    • chiropractors
  • people who have the appropriate academic or educational designation (e.g. PhD)

The BC Supreme Court has ruled people who are not registrants of the College but have medical training and other academic credentials cannot call themselves “doctor” in a way that implies they are registrants of the College and entitled to practise medicine.

Can an esthetician or medical office assistant administer Botox and/or dermal fillers?

No. Only health professionals who are licensed and registered, and eligible under their scope of practice, are authorized to inject Botox and/or dermal fillers. Estheticians or other non-regulated persons are not authorized to inject medicines such as Botox, regardless of any training or qualifications obtained from a medical aesthetic institute or academy.

Can a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse administer Botox and/or dermal fillers?

Yes, under certain circumstances. It is the College’s position that a registered and licensed physician must first assess the patient and may direct a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse holding practising registration with the BC College of Nurses and Midwives to perform the injection. The physician must be present in the facility at the time of the injection.