Chronic Pain Management Program

7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
Space available

This program is to assist clinicians in managing the most challenging of pain patients— those with chronic pain, anxiety and substance use. This program will also focus on the care of “legacy patients”—those patients who have had long-standing prescriptions from another clinician and now request care from a new care provider.
The complexity of these issues challenge and stress those who work with these patients, day by day and week by week. The program will help clinicians recognize limits, set mutual goals of care with patients and redefine the role of psychoactive medications in managing chronic pain and distress.
The course will provide participants with the knowledge and the skills to address some of the key issues that practitioners face in their practices. The objectives of the course:

  1. Identify patterns of high-risk opioid and sedative prescribing
  2. Negotiate and facilitate a safe care plan for patients who request opioid and sedative prescriptions
  3. Coach a patient on sleep hygiene
  4. Offer three to four alternative “no pill needed” strategies for managing chronic pain
  5. Label and express personal responses to complex care and identify self-care strategies for practice longevity

Who should attend: Clinicians, administrators, and regulators interested in the management of chronic pain. We work in care teams and strongly recommend inviting the entire team to participate.
Mainpro+ credits are offered. See the event brochure for full program and details.