Duty to report guide

Per the Health Professions Act, RSBC 1996, c.183 (HPA), a registrant of a regulated health profession has a duty to report another registrant to their regulatory college in the circumstances described below.

These sections of the HPA specify that this report must be made to the subject registrant’s college; it does not refer to the registrant’s employer, supervisor, or health authority. While you may also choose or be obligated to report to these people and organizations, this legislation requires that you must make a separate report to the registrant’s regulatory college.

Health Professions Act

Section Who must report

Any registrant who has reasonable grounds to believe another registrant’s continued practice of a designated health profession might constitute a danger to the public due to incompetence, physical/mental ailment, emotional disturbance, or addiction.

Any registrant who terminates the employment, revokes/suspends/imposes restrictions on the privileges, or dissolves a partnership or association with another registrant based on the belief that they may constitute a danger to the public. The registrant must be reported even they resign or relinquish their privileges on their own.


The chief administrative officer of a public or private hospital and the treating medical practitioner when another registrant is admitted to hospital and is unable to practice due to psychiatric care or treatment, or for treatment for addiction.

The treating medical practitioner must also report to the College and provide the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and opinion on fitness to continue the practice of their medical profession, no later than the date of the registrant’s discharge.


Any registrant who has reason to believe that another registrant has engaged in sexual misconduct.

Note: If the registrant’s belief is based on information provided by a patient, verbally or in writing, they must obtain the consent of the patient or their parent/guardian/committee prior to making a report.

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