Health monitoring

The College’s health monitoring department is confidential and supportive. It ensures public safety by monitoring registrants who transition from sickness to health and those who take a health-related leave of absence.

Raising a health concern

If a registrant has a health issue that impacts their fitness to practise, the registrant or another health professional needs to report it to the College.

What is a health concern?

A health concern is a physical, cognitive or mental health condition which can include:

  • a condition affecting manual dexterity
  • a condition affecting visual acuity
  • cognitive impairment
  • mental health diagnosis
  • substance use disorder
  • blood-borne pathogens
  • any other health condition that might reasonably be expected to impact the practice of medicine


Ways to raise a health concern

Health concerns can be raised with the College in a variety of ways.

  • A registrant may self-report to the College and disclose a health condition.
  • A registrant may disclose a health condition on the Annual Licence Renewal Form.
  • A registrant’s colleague, a health authority or another third party may raise a concern.
  • Duty to report obligation under the Health Professions Act.
  • A College complaint reveals an underlying health condition.

What to expect after a health concern is raised

Health information is kept confidential within the health monitoring department. Registrants can be assured we will be compassionate and sensitive when discussing confidential health issues. The department will investigate any health concerns and take appropriate action, including:

  • a conversation between the registrant and the deputy registrar to discuss the possible health issue
  • a one-time fitness to practise confirmation from treating physician(s)
  • asking the registrant to temporarily leave practice until they are deemed fit to return
  • if appropriate, ongoing health monitoring through regular fitness to practise confirmations

Level of risk to the public

The health monitoring department will assess the level of risk a registrant’s health issue poses to the public in the context of their scope of practice.  

Depending on the health issue, some scopes of practice carry less risk than others.

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